29 mar. 2011


My ideas about Flamenco are taking shape. I've felt I couldn't teach it or write about it confidently because of lack of expertise, but I've been able to put a few ideas together, to at least define a few areas I know something about.

(1) I know something about the literary associations, from Machado y Álvarez to Félix Grande. The back and forth between poetry and Flamenco lyrics. I know about Flamenco lyrics as poetry, and about how cantaores interpret the works of Lorca or Juan Ramón Jiménez.

(2) I know a little something about the discourse of Flamencology itself, the debates and controversies.

(3) I've heard classic Flamenco from the age of La Niña de los Peines and Manuel Torre. I know Camarón de la Isla and artists from that period, and contemporaries like Miguel Poveda. I know the language people use to talk about Flamenco today.

(4) I know other styles of music that aren't Flamenco but that have impinged on it or influenced it in some ways, like Spanish nationalist music (Falla.)

So my knowledge is minimal but it does have some strong points.

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Clarissa dijo...

Once, when I was an ignorant undergrad, I came into a professor's office to ask him what the horrible noise coming out of his office was.

He responded that it was cante jondo.

I'm still embarrassed.