23 mar. 2010

I've been toying around for a while with the idea of a book that would put forward a certain vision of poetry, my own. It's never quite come together but now it's starting to.

What Lorca Knew: Poetry, Pedagogy, Performance

Introduction: Teaching Receptivity

Here I talk about my theory that what we should doing in the humanities: teaching a kind of receptivity, as I tried to outline in my recent post for.Arcade

Chapter II: The Grain of the Voice: Barthes, Lorca, and the Poetics of Performance

In this part I would develop a reading I did once of Barthes's essay of the same title and Lorca's duende essay.

Chapter III: What Claudio Knew

Here I would study the two most significant poets of the twentieth century, Lorca and Claudio Rodríguez, from the point of view of poetic knowledge. Their prosody, their deep involvement with music.

Chapter IV: ????

I don't know what this chapter is going to be about yet. It's got to have jazz in it somehow, though. The experience of listening to jazz as a poet? Something along these lines.

That's all I got for you. There could be other chapters. At least I have enough to think there might be a book here.

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