3 dic. 2008


Miles Davis. Sketches of Spain (1959)

Another collaboration with Gil Evans. This album is considered a "milestone," like so many other Miles Davis works. There was a movement to fuse jazz with classical music, and this was one of the more felicitous movements toward that end. Of course, it brings together two of my main interests, Spain and Miles Davis, so I have to be appreciative of that.

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John dijo...

My favorite of the Miles - Gil collabs, by quite some distance, for what it's worth. I adore tracks on all the other ones, but from beginning to end this has a unique tone and approach, and a powerful one.

Kendall dijo...

I just re-visited In a Silent Way after a long hiatus. I was reminded of it when I heard it on a movie I watched recently: Bill Greaves' Symbiopsychotaxiplasm. Excellent. The day I found my copy of the album, I listened to it easily 15 times.