10 dic. 2008

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Ashbery. Some Trees 1956. 75 pp.

Shadow Train. 1981. 50 pp.

Some Trees is amazing (These are amazing, each / joining a neighbor), eyes shining without mystery, footprints eager for the past. I found my receipt for when I bought this book, in 1978! Shadow Train contains the poem "Paradoxes and Oxymorons" and another one about Warren G. Harding: 50 poems of 16 lines each, divided into four, four-line stanzas.


This concludes the second 1% of the 9000 books project. Shortly I will compile a list of the second percent--90 books.

I will have to have a system for not repeating, for keeping track. Maybe a separate alphabetical list that I keep somewhere? If I can keep up this pace of doing 2% a year, I will finish easily in 50 years time. Luckily longevity runs in my family.

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Thomas dijo...

I like the idea of a finite list, 9000 books long. Of poetry. I'm not sure why that image appeals to me. I think comes from the dominance of the opposite image: the body of poetry as an amorphous anthology of strophes.