24 abr. 2008


*Eileen Myles. On My Way. 2001. 69 pp.

The one really got me on my way writing. I always get ideas for poems while reading Myles's work. The poem I started is a reflection on the idea of clarity. Is it defined by the presence of light or by the absence of obstacles to vision?

I realize that I could read 9,000 books and, even if the gender balance were way off, I'd still be reading at least 1,500 books by women. Or if I read 99% in Spanish and English, that still leaves me 90 books of French poetry. I like Gary's idea too that I will inevitably repeat a book or two, only reading 8,994 or so.

4 comentarios:

John dijo...

A book a day and you'll be doing this for over 24 and a half years.

That's a long-term project!

You know this already.

Jonathan dijo...

Yes, but 24 books a day and I'll do it in one year. That makes it seem not quite so bad.

John dijo...

Are you posting on each book you read?

Jonathan dijo...