16 abr. 2008


*Barbara Guest. If So, Tell Me.

This book was only widely available in the UK. Being the fanatic i am I ordered it from amazon several years ago. It is one of my favorite books of hers.

There is a weakness in some of the later Guest which is a certain preciosity. Here that quality is mitigated.

Her collected poems is coming out. I've pre-ordered it for myself.


.02% finished. I am going to write one of those How I read 9,000 Books of Poetry and Saved Civilization books. It's sure to be a hit.

2 comentarios:

Gary dijo...

This Ford Madox Ford book may or may not reference 9,000 other books, but it sure is 900 pages long!


I know b/c I "read" it (actually cherry-picked my way through it) in the 90s when I lived in St. Paul.

Jonathan dijo...

I could read this book, in the time it would take me to read maybe seven or eight books of poetry.

Think of it this way: a mere list of 9,000 books would be probably 11,000-13,000 words. That's like a 35-40 page chapter right there.