1 oct. 2007

I really badly want to use the verb "subtend" today. Like "Romantic ideology subtends the deep image." Or, even better, "The practice of the deep image is subtended by romantic ideology." I probably won't, but I want to. It's good to be able to write like that--and then not do it. Jargon is fine if it is actually part of a technical language, that is, a precise word used as a term of art in a particular field. Jargon serves quite another purpose if it is meant to suggest membership in a particular discursive community. Like "deploy," 'subtend," "imbricate," etc... The lexison is as that conventional as that of a deep image poem, and as artificial. It connotes complexity of thought, but doesn't actually mean that the thought going on is more complex.

3 comentarios:

brian (baj) salchert dijo...

Deploy the saucers of logopoeia
so that they subtend--
a word I had to look up--
the imbricated--
another word I had to look up--
arcs of
phanopoeia and melopoeia.

This is silly.

Where is L Q
when you need him?

As they used to say:
"Cool your jets."

Casey dijo...

blah blah blah--
blah, blahblah blah
blah, bl-
ah. Blah blah

Jesse dijo...

subtend. sounds classy