6 ene 2005

Errol Laud stands out in the rain looking at his clogged gutters. He wants to weep but somehow can't.

Dickie Xehecet wonders how the coffee filter knows what to let through?

Fay Mayberry sends me an urgent message that I promptly discard. I don't believe in the existence of Fay Mayberry.

What of Millie Gtaxa? Nothing can be said about her.

Emilio Lanier investigates his geneology; he is descended from clouds or gods.

Linwood Beale revives the musical comedy; he hasn't comic bone in his body.

Grady Cooley perfects a certain "look," which nobody notices.

Milford Dentor passes unnoticed into the land of the shades.

Angelica Esposito peoples my world, all by herself.


I've been fascinated by why the names of email spammers seem so implausible. All resemblance to non-existent persons is purely coincidental.

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