17 jun 2004

The Unquiet Grave. The Thinking Man's Zukofsky

No offense, Tony, but wouldn't "the thinking man's Zukofsky" be, um... Zukofsky himself? Unless I am misunderstanding the logic of this particular "snow-clone." Doesn't it imply that people who think don't normally go in for Zukofsky? Forgive me if I'm missing the joke.

"Koethe" and "street cred" do not belong in the same sentence either. This is as absurd as the recent claim that Bill Knott is some kind of poetic "rebel." (Bill wrote me, by the way, to say that he in fact belongs squarely within the "School of Quietude." This might be one of the first times anyone has made this claim about his or her self.) Koethe, whose poetry I don't at all dislike, basically imitates a single facet of Ashbery's more complex work in a skillful but ultimately, to my mind, limited way. Next we'll be talking about Albert Goldbarths' "street cred"! The term used about any poet, in fact, is ridiculous.

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