16 dic. 2003

I'll be on a light, vacation blog schedule from now until sometime after the new year.

If any fellow blogger is going to be at the MLA in San Diego, I suggest we meet after the Haryette Mullen reading and have a drink. I have to interview for my department most of the time I'm there, so it would be good to get away and meet some folks I don't know yet.

Top 10, blog-related ideas/realizations I had this year:

1. Language poetry doesn't suck.

2. Re-naming my blog "Bemsha Swing"

3. The BAP face-off

4. Letting Julia have her own poetry blog

5. Learning to use italics and bold face type in html.

6. I am a poet!

7. Taking Zukofsky's Test of Poetry (well, maybe that wasn't such a good idea!)

8. Learning to put pictures up on my blog.

9. Teaching poetry to the 2nd grade.

10. The blog is fulfilling its purpose: to be an ongoing record of my miscellaneous thoughts and giant echo chamber.

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