1 dic. 2003

Being too tired to come up with anything new today, I thought I'd try the "a year ago on JM's Blog" ploy:

Sunday, December 01, 2002
Having read Deborah Solomon's biography of Cornell, I dipped into her life of Jackson Pollock, at the public library. If it is less satisfying than the Cornell book maybe it is because Pollock doesn't seem to have much of an inner life. No mention of any books he read, any thoughts he had. He seemed to be all outward expression. He didn't know a foreign language!

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Ron Padgett has a little essay about his confusion between the words - not the objects - "grapefruit" and "pineapple." What does this mean? Is it the same sort of confusion that I had when I used to mistake "On Green Dolphin Street" and "In a Mellotone"? No, because I actually confused the songs, not merely their titles.

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