16 mar. 2004

Oracle Night by Michael Brownstein. (Sun & Moon, 1982). I've had the book about a year. Someone should edit "The Collected Blurbs of John Ashbery." This book, like the Hejinian, has an Ashbery blurb. He is generous to a fault with these. Not that Browstein doesn't deserve his:

"To read Oracle Night is to step off a busy street into a quite courtyard that is like the space between our perceptions and what we perceive. We can note, 'like a lizard undergoing fission,' that 'the porch is frozen inside the house,' and had become 'a curious blend of beauty and linoleum."

I like the puntucation in this book. There are no periods, colons, or semi-colons, only commas. Commas are only permitted inside of lines, not in terminal position. Only the first word of every poem and the pronoun I are capitalized. Poems have no titles. There is no table of contents.

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