15 jun. 2005

It's time to order your copy of Fox of Gold, written and illustrated by Julia Tsuchiya-Mayhew. Send a check for $5.00 to

Jonathan Mayhew / 526 Kingdel St. Louis MO 63124

This is an excellent present for the young person in your life. Buy it for yourself if you are so inclined.. According to Lisa Jarnot, "Not since Christopher Smart's Jubilate Agno have animal poems been so crisp, clear, and delightful." Nada Gordon writes: "Her explanation of how octopuses got their ink is unparalleled in modern literature. A stunnning debut." Read the poems that made Nick Piombino. almost miss his subway stop, a book that Ron Silliman calls "the complete package & a total delight."

Kasey Mohammad says "She translates the colors of Kandinsky into the music of Thelonious Monk and combines them into beautiful language that tells of tigers helping the sick, the planet Locuda, and six-thousand dollar tomato juice."

4 comentarios:

Whimsy dijo...

Hey, Jonathan. You should set up a PayPal account for busy and lazy people like me who are seldom near their checkbooks. I'd love to order your daughter's book, but I'll have to wait now until I'm back home. J.

Steven Moore dijo...

And for those of us who live in Europe. What about us?

A.R.B. dijo...

Yeah! What about us forgotten Europeans?


Jonathan dijo...


If you really want it we can do a swap-Fox of Gold in exchange for a chapbook or book you might have published.