16 mar. 2004

E l s e w h e r e discusses the infamous graph. I think when he says "Jonathan" in this post he means "Josh." My scheme would more a flow-chart I can't really reproduce graphically:

Is it the kind of poem I would myself like to write?

I. If so, would I do it better or worse?

A. If I could do it better, how come I haven't yet?

(1. laziness
2. lack of talent
3. lack of imagination)

B If I would do it worse, what can I learn from this poem?

II. If not, why wouldn't I like to write it?

A. It's not in a mode I feel to be "contemporary."

(1. would I have written it if alive 200 years ago?)

B. It's contemporary, I'm just not interested in that particular mode.

(1. It's pretentious
2. .... )

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