16 mar. 2004

The First 31:

The Harbor Master of Hong Kong, Shroud of the Gnome, Sun, The Little Door Slides Back, Teoría del miedo, Theoretical Objects, Toujours l'amour, Some Other Kind of Mission, Ridge to Ridge, Transmigration Solo, The World Doesn't End, Some Words, Variaciones en blanco, Syntax, La lentitud de los bueyes, Quill Solitary Apparition, Dreaming as One, SPACE, A Boy's Will, Blizzard of One, Gone to Earth, Nadie, A Certain Slant of Sunight, what is means to be avant-garde, In Memory of My Theories, Sentences, Arboles que ya florecerán, h.j.r., The Fatalist, Shadow Train, Oracle Night

I think that makes a nice prose-poem. I have five or six language poets, about the same number of New York School. Three Soft-surrealists. Nothing before 1900. The odd thing is that I cannot at this moment remember the book Gone to Earth, cannot remember who wrote it or anything associated with the title. ¿Dónde tengo la cabeza?


Two minutes later, after having looked it up: Yes, the Pam Rehm! I liked the book, but I didn't find the title itself memorable.

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