20 sept. 2011

Thick As Thieves

There are at least a few movies with this title. This 1998 one features Alec Baldwin as a criminal who is brought in to Detroit to steal some plates used to print food stamps. He is double crossed by some local Detroit gangsters (one played by Andre Braugher) and has to kill two corrupt cops. He then goes on a rampage.

It is a pretty crappy movie, with bad dialogue and lame, half-hearted attempts at humor. Not recommended.

3 comentarios:

Spanish prof dijo...

Can I ask how do you (or you and your wife) decide what movies to watch?

Jonathan dijo...

I have no system. I just watch whatever netflix recommends for me, or I search to see if there are movies I haven't seen recently or at all featuring my favorite actors or directors. If someone tells me about a film or I see a recommendation on Spanish Prof's blog I will see whether they have that one streaming on netflix.

Spanish prof dijo...

Interesting. And your Netflix recommendations are weird. Let me know if there is anything in particular that you'd like me to recommend.