21 sept. 2011

Suddenly (1954)

Frank Sinatra in a suit and fedora arrives in the small town of "Suddenly" to assassinate the president, who will be passing through there.. He and his henchman take over a house on a hill overlooking the town square, taking as hostages a retired secret service agent, his daughter (a war widow), and a young boy (her son), as well as the town sheriff.

Hostage situations provide good drama: a confined, stage-like place, an automatic situation of power and dominance, ready-made conflict. Sinatra is very good in this role, and doesn't even sing.

2 comentarios:

scott g.f.bailey dijo...

This is some of Frank's best work. Doesn't almost the whole film take place in the living room of the house? It's been about a decade since I saw it, but I remember it's pretty much Sinatra by the window and everyone else milling around in front of him, like a theater set.

Jonathan dijo...

Yes, that's pretty much it. It's a great role for him. The supporting cast is also good, but he is really the focus of attention.