15 ago. 2011

How to Memorize a Poem

Here is my very simple method.

Look at each line, then close your eyes and say it three times. Go though the entire poem like this, one line at a time.

Now go back to the beginning and take every two lines and do the same thing.

Now you know each line of the poem. Recite it to your self beginning at the beginning, until the point where you get stuck. Look every time you get stuck at at certain point. Do this five times. In other words, start the poem five times and see how far you get.

When you've done this five times, start again at the point at which you ended. Repeat from there until the end of the poem.

When you get to the end of the poem, start again from the beginning. Close your eyes and see how far you get in five tries.

Once you have the entire poem memorized, repeat it a few more times. You should be able to memorize a sonnet in 20 minutes using this method.

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