16 ago. 2011

Deleted Comments

I've deleted comments by a blogger who doesn't (I have the feeling) want real identity widely known. I inadvertently learned who this person was, but I'm not going to reveal that information to anyone else.

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Jonathan dijo...

It looks like you did, in fact, delete those comments.

Jonathan dijo...

You can delete your own comments by clicking on the little garbage can icon. The catch is that you have to be logged on as the person who left the comment.

Professor Zero dijo...

That must have been it! And so - now I know! There must be a term for people with multiple online personality disorder like me. ;-)

Thanks for humoring pseudonymity -- I do it so as to keep professional and personal voices separate *for myself* more than so as to be anonymous, but I do appreciate being humored in this.

I have learned a new trick: if you preview your comment, you can see who you're posting as. I'm so transparent by now, though, that people crack me by mistake. I've even received an apology from someone I didn't know who figured it out inadvertently.

I used to really try for anonymity and everyone thought I was a gay mestizo man working in some Latin American country.

Jonathan dijo...

I think your comments are great no matter who you are posting as.

Professor Zero dijo...

Pseudonymous blogging is like attending a masked ball.