16 ago. 2011

Plata Quemada / Burnt Money

This 2000 Argentine movie by Marcelo Piñeyro, based on a novel by Piglia, features a gay couple nicknamed "los mellizos" or the twins who participate in a robbery of a huge payroll in which a police officer is killed. They escape with the getaway driver and the guy who planned to heist to Montevideo and hide out. The movie takes place in the 1960s, and is apparently based on a real case.

It is pretty much a genre flick, with the twist being the relation between the two lovers, El Nene and Ángel. Ángel hears voices and El Nene attempts to take care of him but also betrays him with a female lover. The psychological complexity brings the film into the literary realm, though the genre elements remain strongly formulaic.

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Spanish prof dijo...

I would be interested in your thoughts about the novel.

Jonathan dijo...

So would I, but I have to read it first.

Spanish prof dijo...

You need to read it??? Just read a bunch of academic articles to form your opinion . . . Who needs actual reading? It's the digital age!!!