14 ago. 2011

Pullum on Password Strength

Here. This is very funny. I have one of those X56@$@me passwords that is impossible to remember. You know, the university makes me get a "strong" password that no human brain can remember. It has to be between x and y characters long, include numbers, letters, some upper-case, and some special characters used for comic strip obscenities. Actually, according to Pullum and the sources he cites, such a password could be cracked by a computer more easily than a memorable one like ENEMY MUTANT CLARIN FISHFRY. I doubt I would ever forget that. This reminds me I should study information theory again.

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Andrew Shields dijo...

Again? When did you study information theory? My Dad's field, back when he still did mathematics.

Jonathan dijo...

I didn't study-study it. I just went through some materials beginning with a book by Umberto Eco using some of those concepts.