29 jul. 2011

The Patriarchy Is Safe

Just sayin' ... Let me "mansplain" it to you. Contemporary feminism barely threatens to patriarchy. In fact, if the patriarchy wanted to design a non-threatening feminism, it would come up with a movement like today's. A prominent feminist blog• engages in the practice of "trigger warnings." At the beginning of a post, it will say "trigger warning: misogyny, depression." So the blog treats its readers as delicate flowers who need to be warned of a subsequent discussion of some troubling subject. The same blog features women expressing jealousy of other women for being assaulted and harassed. Obviously, if victimhood is the mark of a being a woman, then a woman who is not a victim is going to be excluded. The patriarchy might easily conclude that women want to harassed after all.

Many women either reject the feminist label for themselves (no wonder, if this is what feminism has come to), or use it as a cover for their choice to live a completely patriarchal lifestyle.


*I learned of this blog from Clarissa.

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Clarissa dijo...


I'm quoting this on my blog.

Jonathan dijo...

The feminism of stupid blog posts on popular feminist blogs, obviously.