29 jul. 2011

Pa amb tomaquets

To make the classic Catalan dish "pa amb tomaquet"s you need the following:

A hearty bread, like a baguette, etc...

Olive oil.


A ripe tomato or two.

Assorted sliced cheeses and meats.


Cut the baguette so that you get long, flat slices, of approximately a third of the length of the baguette. So you would have six pieces for each baguette. Drizzle a few drops of olive oil on the crumb side of each piece, then rub peeled gloves of garlic across the bread to spread the oil evenly over the surface. Discard the garlic. Cut the tomato in half and rub it across the bread, so that the bread turns a reddish pink from the juice. The tomato needs to be ripe enough to have enough juice to do the job, but not so ripe that the bread is soaked through. The oil, garlic, and tomato are strong flavors that don't need be used in abundant quantities to be tasted. You can also toast the bread before drizzling the oil.

Now place slices of high quality meat (jamón serrano or prosciutto, or chorizo, or whatever else you like) and cheese (gouda, manchego, or whatever else you have on hand) on the bread. Eat this with the wine. This can be a complete dinner if you have some Spanish olives and a salad.

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