21 jul. 2011


I made a roasted corn salad. The texture of the corn was not quite right, but it tasted good, with cilantro, hot peppers, hot pepper flakes, lime juice, and some grated cheese. The recipe called for manchego, but that was 19 a pound so I found a good substitute. It was good with the leftover ceviche and potato salad.

I am going to make ceviche again, but mixing tilapia with scallops and marinating it an entire day. I really like strong flavors, garlic, hot peppers, intense lime, wasabi, but used with fresh ingredients. I like foods that are grilled, marinated, smoked, or cured. I eat everything common to Western diets. All kinds of meats, fish and shellfish, every vegetable or fruit, many varieties of cheeses, grains, etc... I like every kind of "ethnic" food I've tried, when it is high quality, especially Indian and Thai. I also like most kinds of wines, beers, and many other spirits, coffees, and teas. Desserts are a chore. Cold sandwiches are difficult to get down. I find when I don't eat well it is almost like a punishment I inflict on myself, even when I imagine that I am deriving comfort from the food, like mid-western style deep-fried General Tso's Chicken. Somehow the two parts of my brain are not connecting when I order something like that.

I like to cook and can so a half-way decent job of it, but I get strangely depressed when something does not turn out well.

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