3 sept. 2005


The Duplications.

I'm starting this magazine [today.] Send me your submissions if you think I'd like your poetry. I'm only publishing poems I like, not necessarily poets I like. That is, I might like you as a poet, but not like the particular poems you send me. Think of it as Little Emerson, but you don't have to please 9 editors, just satisfy the 9 outrageous exigencies of JM. In searching for a title, I looked over at my bookshelves and saw a copy of The Duplications. That's it! I said. This publication will duplicate the efforts of other existing magazines that I like.

I'm especially interested in poems that "duplicate" other poems in some way. Counter-discursive poems, faux-translations. I won't publish my own poetry, except for my own translations. No critical work or reviews.

Take your Journal Envy elsewhere. There is no way this is going to be better than Little Emerson, Fascicle, The Canary, The Hat, The Tiny, The Poker, Notell Motel, Call:Review, Shampoo, or Can We Have Our Ball Back?.

I tend to like short poems, and I tend to like poems that I would like to have written.

Publication in "The Duplications" carries no prestige whatever. You can publish here and then publish the same poem in a print journal later. I'll even delete it for you if the print editors care about such things.

I'll do it for as long as it works. Maybe 6 months, maybe 5 years.

6 comentarios:

Tony dijo...

Hey Jonathan,

This sounds like an excellent idea!

I look forward to it.


Jordan dijo...

I'll second Tony's remark.

Whimsy dijo...

It DOES sound like a dandy idea, Jonathan. Could you give us a better idea what you have in minds for material?

Jonathan dijo...

It's hard to say in the abstract. Whatever it is I have to "feel it" as right for The Duplications. The best guide is the content that's already there. My favorites so far are the longer of the two poems by Raphael Rubinstein and the two by Jess Mynes. I liked everything I accepted, obviously, but those are the ones that define The Duplications for me in terms of what my vision for it is.

Henry Gould dijo...

Jonathan, would it be OK with you if I duplicate your magazine and call it my magazine? I'm thinking of calling it...er... The Duplications...

Thanks in advance! "Thanks in advance!"

- Henry Henry the Kidding Kidding

Jonathan dijo...

I think that would have to be called the "Reduplications." I'd be happy to have a poem from HG if you can spare one.