3 sept. 2005

I'm translating another collaborative work, "Tensó" by Claudio Rizzo and Leopoldo María Panero. I'm drawn to collaborations as a translator because then I can be the third collaborator. The authorship of the text seems more open when it is already a collaboration. I just realized this. I haven't heard from Lola and Amalia yet about Fascicle. Of course August is vacation month in Spain and nobody checks email.


Looking for a naked woman for the cover of The Duplications. (Just kidding). What I really want is for women to submit to it. I'm getting a lot of guy-type people and not so many women.


A hint on comment spam in blogger. Turn on word verification in the comment preferences under "settings." Then anyone will have to type a word in to leave a comment, avoiding systems that automatically put out spam-comments for internet gambling, prescriptions, irrelevant websites generally.

You can also see if the comment spammer has a blogger profile and go to his/her blog and leave nasty comments there. Little good that will do, but it feels good. I've done it following links from Tony's and C. Dale's blogs, in between translating these weird poems.


Last but not least, if I've amused or edified you this week, give to the Red Cross Katrina relief. Even if I've merely annoyed you, give to the Red Cross.

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C. Dale dijo...

Jonathan, Thanks for the tip about word verification. I am off to change my settings post haste.