23 jul. 2004

The Jonathan Mayhew Aesthetic Compatibility Test

1. Ill Seen Ill Said or Waiting for Godot?

2. A Textbook of Poetry or Roots and Branches?

3. Camarón de la Isla or Nina Simone?

4. César Vallejo or Pablo Neruda?

5. Barbara Guest or Anne Waldman?

6.Ron Silliman or Charles Bernstein?

7. Clark Coolidge or Barrett Watten?

8. Art Pepper or Sonny Stitt?

9. Tony Williams or Billy Cobham?

10. Limetree or Mike Snider's Formal Blog?

11.Claudio Rodríguez or Angel González?

12. José Lezama Lima or Gabriel García Márquez?

13. Heriberto Yépez or Octavio Paz?

14. Creeley or Levertov?

15. Lipstick or no lipstick (on beautiful woman)?

16.Cecil Taylor or Oscar Peterson?

17. Birth of the Cool or Take Five?

18. Zildjian or Paiste?

19. Hat or no hat (on elegantly dressed man)?

20. Snuck or sneaked?

21. Grenier or Brautigan?

22.Clifford Brown or Dizzy Gillespie?

23. Ella or Sarah?

24. Red Garland or Kenny Drew?

25. Góngora or Quevedo?

26. Coffee or tea?

27. The Finger Lakes District or the French Riviera?

28. Fanny Howe or Susan Howe?

29. Edward Arlington Robinson or Edgar Lee Masters?

30.Strindberg or Ibsen?

31. A Night in Tunisia or Salt Peanuts?

32.Braxton or Shepp?

33. The Silken Tent or Acquainted with the Night?

34. Joseph Cornell or Andy Warhol?

35. Kandinsky or Dalí?

36. Spring and All or The Cantos?

37. Jim Behrle or Gary Trudeau?

38. French Press or Filtered Coffee?

39. Clare or Ammons?

40. Modern Drummer or Hudson Review?

41. Devil Trill Sonata or Kaddish?

42. Mexico City Blues or Turtle Island?

43. Georges Perec or David Mamet?

44. Judith Butler or Harold Bloom?

45. Lyn Hejinian or David Antin?

46. Kenneth Koch or W.S. Merwin?

47. The Hat or American Poetry Review?

48. Son or reggae?

49. Reverdy or Rilke?

50. Prosody or set theory?

Write down A if you prefer the first alternative, B the second. If you prefer both equally, C. If you hate both equally or have no idea what the question means, write down D.

Each A is worth 2 points.
B = 1 point.
C= 1.5 points
D= 0 points.

Tabulate your score. 100 is the highest score. It means essentially that YOU ARE ME. A frightening prospect! Under 50 means you are probably pretty distant from me aesthetically. 65-85, we might have some nice discussions. Anything higher than that, and we'd bore each other to tears.

Send me your score if you want.

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