23 jul. 2004

ArtsJournal: About Last Night

You've probably all seen this already. Take the test to see how you're aesthetic preferences line up with WSJ/Commentary Arts critic Terry Teachout. He has choices like "Johnny Mercer or Cole Porter" or "red wine or white." Wouldn't it kind of depend on what you were drinking the wine with? "Diana Krall or Norah Jones." Neither is that great, but Norah shows more promise. "Lester Young or Coleman Hawkins." I'd have to shoot myself before choosing between them. "Swing or bebop." "Fall or spring." "Comedy or tragedy." Simply absurd, but very entertaining. By the way, TT prefers the first option in every pair.

He doesn't have any truly cool choices, like "Elvin Jones or Tony Williams." "Jack Spicer or Jack Kerouac." I'll be preparing my own version, the "Jonathan Mayhew aesthetic compatibility test," very soon. "Zildjian or Sabian?"

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