27 may. 2012

1st good paragraph I've written in a while

Federico García Lorca is one of the most influential Spanish poets of the twentieth century, and yet his ongoing legacy, both in Spain and abroad, is strongly marked by kitsch. His influence, in other words, frequently takes the form of flattened, simplified, and caricatured versions of Andalusian folklore or of other manifestations of Lorquismo, including his evocations of the urban landscape in Poeta en Nueva York. Since kitsch is, in some sense, the dialectical opposite of modernism, the persistent kitschification of Lorca has serious implications for Lorca’s place within the modernist canon.

2 comentarios:

Andrew Shields dijo...

Two phrases stick out for me: "in other words" and "in some sense."

"In other words" seems superfluous, while "in some sense" hedges where a stronger statement is needed. Why not go all the way? "Kitsch is the dialectical opposite of modernism"?

Such little phrases sure provide material for discussion!

Jonathan dijo...

Good... but not yet great. It is precisely those nasty little place-holding phrases that have to go in the revision.