9 dic. 2011

Chapter I

Chapter One, "Modelo para armar" is an introduction that argues for the necessity of contemporary theory for the study of Lorca. Specifically, I argue for the idea of Foucault's "author function" instead of approaches based on the "life and works" paradigm. In other words, Lorca's biography does not explain his work or its importance, or has very limited explanatory power.

Why? A biography is simply a narrative and interpretive framework that is constructed like any other such framework. It provides one kind of context (among other possible contexts) for interpretation. All interpretation takes place within a context (no context free interpretation) so the idea is not that a particular biographical detail is not (potentially) explanatory, but that this is simply a choice of one context among many. Secondly, the biographical detail does not come with its own interpretation already attached. A fact is not an interpretation of this fact.

Another reason for wanting to use modern theory to interpret Lorca is that modern theory is the theorization of avant-garde poetics itself. To use a life and works paradigm is to be on a level lower, less sophisticated, than that of Lorca himself.

I'm not in favor of theoretical readings of Lorca that apply theories to his poetry or drama. I am not proposing theoretical applications as much as readings informed by the insights learned from theory.

Ok. That's all I got for that chapter so far. I find that if I ask myself what the chapter will say I already know, but I have to first ask.

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Leslie dijo...

OK, this is going to be good. When is it coming out? I have, of course, a teaching idea for it.

So I will use this space to work it out. Here we go. Spring 2013, I am supposed to teach the Peninsular survey; I am really not in field or all that current although of course I could have fun with some standard list like Da. Perfecta, Niebla, La Plaza del Diamante, stuff like that.

Problem with this: it's going to have low enrollment, and many of those in it would struggle with those texts; really what they'll be ready for is some kind of anthology with snippets, autores antiguos y modernos, bleah, I abhor teaching excerpts.

Idea A: under the radar, teach it as a Lorca seminar, and use this book.

Idea B: do that in English/Spanish and cross list it, so as to get more enrollment.

Problem: sticking people at that level with 1 author, not giving them a survey, etc.

Idea C: do it in English/Spanish and cross list it, but make it Galdos, Lorca, and then someone living, with short works, like Paloma Pedrero. Hm I am starting to like this.

Jonathan dijo...

I have to write the book first. I was just brainstorming here. I will continue with the other chapters.

Leslie dijo...

Yes, but said brainstorming is already interesting.