22 ago. 2011


My car has a clock. My cell phone, ipod, ipad, laptop, and desktop have clocks. The microwave and the oven have clocks. Not to mention the alarm clock itself. The only reason I own a watch, then, is because I have to teach. Even then, the watch goes off my wrist and unto the lectern. If the classrooms had clocks, I would never need a watch for the rest of my days.

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Clarissa dijo...

Our classrooms have clocks. The year I came to the university, the administration decided to remove the clocks. The professors created an uprising of massive proportions. Even when we had all our travel funding cut off and were threatened with furloughs, people didn't protest as much as they had when the clocks disappeared for a week.

Finally, the administration buckled under the pressure and restored the clocks to the classrooms. :-)

Professor Zero dijo...

Where I was a TA for years, there were clocks but many did not work. However, you could see the campus clock tower from every window, the thing managed to be ubiquitous, I do not understand it. I am good at guessing more or less what time it is, and with the clock tower to glance out at, I never needed a watch.

One of my most intelligent moments in life was when I was preparing for my first on campus job interview. It occurred to me magically that they might not have such a ubiquitous clock tower, and I had better get a watch. I bought one at my campus bookstore and I still use it to teach and to give papers.

Andrew Shields dijo...

The clock on my mobile phone has been my timepiece for seven or eight years now, since my last pocket watch died.

I often feel that I ought to call the phone clock a "watch," since it serves the purpose of a timepiece of that name (the timepiece you carry on your person).

But everybody I've suggested to thinks it's absurd. :-)

Jim Murdoch dijo...

And my guess is that none of those clocks tells the same time as any of the others and probably none of them tell the right time anyway.

Jonathan dijo...

Well, the cell phone and computer are synched to some clock that makes them automatically correct all the time. If I synch the ipod to the computer, then all the clocks are correct. I am somewhat ocd so I also correct clocks in car and microwave, etc... so they all have the same time.