23 ago. 2011

El aura

(Fabian Bielinsky). Ricardo Darín, who also starred in "El secreto de sus ojos," plays a taxidermist / bank robber who goes on a hunting trip with his friend Sontag in Southern Argentina, far enough for Buenos Aires that they have to fly to get there. There are no hotel rooms so they go to some cabins owned by Dietrich, an old guy married to an attractive young woman. The bank robber / taxidermist is non-violent by nature, so his friend taunts him about not being able to shoot a deer. He passes out in the woods, because he is also epileptic, then awakes to see a stag right there. He follows it and eventually shoots... Dietrich by accident.

Two shady characters show up looking for Dietrich. Darín inexplicably stays behind. His friend has already returned because his wife had taken some pills mixed with booze.

I don't want to spoil the rest of the plot. The movie is good, keeps you surprised. Not like the typical movie that telegraphs everything 10 miles in advance.

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Professor Zero dijo...

OK, I will buy this, too. I'm about to go to class, for this film course, and naturally it has a megablog. So I was linking it to the CMS, and when I checked to see that the link was working, I saw that I had linked to my pseudo pseudonymous blog. Can you imagine. ;-)