12 jul. 2011


Spain used to be horribly full of smoke. Now, with the ley antitabacos, I hardly ever have to breathe smoke at all in public spaces. Madrid is still bad on the streets, but here in Galicia I have barely even smelled any smoke.


Wifi is also pretty much universal in Spain. I don't have to go to cafés and feed money into computers to access the internet.


It might be nice to be internet free for a week, but no such luck. I brought my computer this time. I also get text messages.


Only I could get a sunburn in rainy Galicia.

2 comentarios:

Clarissa dijo...

I remember getting into a taxi in Madrid and the driver immediately extending a pack of cigarettes to me.

"No, thank you," I said.

"Are you sick?" the driver responded. "Oh, I know, you must be American. Those Americans! First they import their cigarettes and make a fortune and then they blame us for smoking. Hypocrites!"

I had to accept the cigarette to stop the rant. :-)

Nazca dijo...

I remember the first time I arrived in Barajas (over ten years ago), everything seemed covered in cigarette smoke. I also remember looking down from my hotel room to the street in the early AM and seeing a sea of cigarette butts. Today, it is not as common to see public smokers in Spain. I don't know if it's somehow related but I think there's less litter as well.