26 jul. 2011


My favorite uncle, Orval Ellsworth, has died of natural causes. He was scientist and inventor who followed his own path in life. He liked people, and people liked him, but he was an Emersonian individualist and classic garage tinkerer. He had a PhD in physiology and developed several patents, mostly in the medical technology field, and taught community college, among other things. My mom, Orval's sister, told me that he said he never really worked. He just played around and pursued his interests to wherever they led him. He appreciated people for who they were, even if they were radically different from him. He and his wife Monajo raised four children, each, also, a radical individualist in his or her own way.

Since Orval and Monajo lived in Palo Alto, where I did my graduate work, I had many dinners at their house. They also generously hosted my wedding there.

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Clarissa dijo...

I'm very, very sorry for your loss.