18 may. 2011

Valente / Celan

Another article is up on KU ScholarWorks. And this one. The problem with this is I am addicted to stats. I'll be checking every day to see how many times my articles are downloaded.

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Clarissa dijo...

Are you sure you don't have Asperger's? :-) An addiction to stats sounds very familiar. :-)

I have moved my blog to WordPress. Now the url is much simpler. Here it is: http://clarissasblog.com/

Of course, if I'd known how stressed out I would get because of the move, I'd never have undertaken it.

Clarissa dijo...

You will despise me for this but I had never heard Valente's name before I started reading your blog. And what a shame because I find your analogy between him and Goytisolo to be fascinating.

Jonathan dijo...

I think a lot of people just don't study poetry any more in Graduate School. I can't just go around despising everyone that doesn't have the exact same background as I do.

Valente and Goytisolo were very good friends, and Goytisolo acknowledges him in La virtudes del pájaro solitario.

Clarissa dijo...

That's one book by Goytisolo that I didn't manage to get through. Maybe I should.

Great article on Valente and Celan.