19 may. 2011


I was looking for a venue to publish articles outside my area of specialization. Say I want to write an article on Creeley but I don't really care about where it's published. I just want people to be able to read it. I could either have another blog for those kind of articles or house them at KU ScholarWorks, uploading them myself. I could even keep track obsessively of how many people download and read them. I could create a page of links from my other blogs to my page at the KU library. I have this funny idea that I want as many interested people as possible to read what I write, so this would be a good start. One of my articles was downloaded 27 times and viewed 50 in the 10 days it's been up. I don't know the difference between a download and a view, but either way I'm happy.

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Clarissa dijo...

"Viewed" means they read it online while "downloaded" means they saved it to their computers.

It's great to be able to disseminate one's scholarship in this way and see how many people access it. I think I'll now start promoting an idea of creating a website of our scholarship at my department.