23 feb. 2011

The Square

I'm writing this article about four authors and their interrelationships. I'm imagining it as a square with four sides and two diagonals, hence six possible relationships:

Umamuno - Lorca
Umanuno - Zambrano (cultural exceptionalism)
Unamuno - Valente (counter-reformation poetics)

Lorca - Zambrano (the poetics of the sacred)
Lorca - Valente (duende and irrationalism)

Zambrano - Valente (poetry and philosophy)

I'll have five sections, not six, though, because I have nothing much to say about Unamuno - Lorca, and I don't want to get redundant. So imagine the square with the top line a wavy one.

I feel that this will be a very good article, but I feel kind of strange that I am writing it at a time where I feel absolutely horrible in many other respects. How can I feel so bad emotionally but still come up with so many ideas? You would think my brain would just shut down completely in sympathy with the rest of me.

(No need to worry; I'll be ok. Unfortunately the details are not shareable on a public forum.)

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