22 feb. 2011

Signposting Without Signposting

I'm writing my first article in which I systematically suppress all signposting, making the organization so tight that I never need to tell you where I'm going. It will be interesting to see whether anyone that reads it objects to this. More has been going on lately on SMT than here. I'm trying to keep both blog alive and define their function a little better. This is more like a Stupid Motivational Tricks post than a Bemsha Swing one but sometimes I have a hard time knowing which is which.

3 comentarios:

Andrew Shields dijo...

I'd be interested in seeing the signposting-free article when you're done.

Vance Maverick dijo...

I was reminded again of the awkwardness of habitual signposting by Judith Butler, in a general-audience piece. "How Kafka turned into such a commodity – indeed a new gold standard – is an important question, and one to which I shall return."

It's possible you'll find this style too austere, or "dogmatic", but having gone all the way, I think you'll know just what to restore.

Jonathan dijo...

Signposting is the least of Judith Butler's problems.