6 feb. 2011

One Reason

One reason I'm writing a lot on my blogs is that I am writing a lot on my book. I often interrupt myself to write a pertinent blog post or two, or put some of the spill-over ideas into the blogs. When I'm nor working as hard on it, you won't find as many blog posts. With the blizzard I also lost a day of teaching. Between last Monday and this Monday my only obligation was to go a single one-hour meeting.

2 comentarios:

Clarissa dijo...

That's exactly how I work, too. :-) Whenever I'm stuck on a difficult sentence, I switch to the blog, write about something completely unrelated to my research, and this helps the words to come. Several posts a day always means that I'm deep in research. :-)

It's really interesting to learn about how other people organize their academic writing.

Jonathan dijo...

I often blog directly about the issue I'm working through in my chapter or article. It helps me break through because I have to explain it in a different context.

Or I post on my other blog Stupid Motivational Tricks if I think of something interesting more appropriate for readers of that blog.