10 jun. 2009


Charnett Moffett. beauty within. (1989)

I've switched to vinyl for my main record purchasing. There's just something about that 12" disk and the physicality of that, plus the adventure of the $2.99 bin at vintage vinyl here in St. Louis and similar stores. The 70 buck turntable I bought from amazon works fine, hooking up directly to some headphones or speakers. Eventually I'll get a decent stereo amp and some better speakers.

I have no interest in converting my vinyl to mp3s. The whole point is to get away from the mp3.

This is an album by bassist Moffett (playing both electric and upright bass) with numerous family members, in a kind of fusion / funk mode. Stanley Jordan, Kenny Garrett, and Kenny Drew play too. The leader, whom I knew mostly through his work with Ornette, wrote all the compositions.

I'll give this 3 and half stars for its sheer obscurity and funkiness. If you see this in the bargain bin, by all means pick it up.

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