26 feb. 2009


Bobby Hutcherson. The Kicker.

This is a very middle of the road and swinging album in the hard bop idiom, with Joe Henderson, Duke Pearson, and Grant Green. I have never heard of Duke Pearson or the drummer here, Al Harewood. The tune "For Duke P" is a very swinging tune, as is the title track.

I'm in the mode of filling in the numerous gaps in my knowledge of jazz, and have subscribed to Rhapsody to deal with the quantity of music I want to assimilate. I try not to pretend to know things I really don't know. I thought I knew the names most of the major drummers of this period, but it turns out I don't. Duke sounds a bit like Sonny Clark or someone of that ilk, with a tasteful blues inflection. Somewhat similar, in fact, to the pianist on the Joe Chambers album reviewed below, George Cables.

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