26 feb. 2009


Joe Chambers. Phantom of the City.

I learned about Joe Chambers from an article in Modern Drummer, and heard him first on a Bobby Hutcherson recording. This album features some very tasty piano work by George Cables, and the full bodied tenor sax of Bob Berg. I'm going to have to check out some other albums where Chambers is the leader, cause this one is excellent.

Chambers was a mainstay of the Blue Note scene in the early 60s. He's at the level of fame below Jack DeJohnette, but well worth investigating. He writes many originals.

Unlike other drummer-led albums, this one does not emphasize drum solos, or even a particularly busy drum part. I remember the interviewer for MD called JC's drumming "transparent." I would say it's translucent, dynamically sensitive and pulsating. He doesn't get into the temptation of modulating the beat every six seconds. If you didn't know who the leader was supposed to be you might think it's one of the other players.

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