14 feb. 2009


*Bolaño. La pista de hielo. 1993. 198 pp.

This novel takes place in a campground in the Costa Brava. Gaspar is a nightwatchman, Remo the owner. Enric is an obese local political figure who embezzles public money so he can build an ice rink (in an abandoned mansion) for Nuria, a figure skater that is in love with. The three men take turns narrating in two to four page chapters. A dead body shows up in the ice rink...

Not a great novel, but if we're being completist about Bolaño, this had to be included.

So far, the best have been two novels about Chile, Estrella distante and Nocturno chileno, and Los detectives salvajes. I'm looking forward to reading La literatura nazi en América and 2666.

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