30 abr. 2008


*Vicente Gerbasi. Edades perdidas. 1981. 61 pp.

Un instante
con ojos de rana
en hojas de agua.
que hunde
mi rostro
en los astros.
De la noche
gotas de rocío
en violetas
acostumbradas a mi memoria.

An instant
with eyes of frog
in leaves of water.
A reflection
that sinks
my face
in the stars.
From night
there remain
drops of dew
on violets
accustomed to my memory.

Venezuelan poet Gerbasi is very, very good, probably superior to his younger compatriot Montejo. "Lost Ages" is a series of fewer then 30 short poems about primordial reality, of the cosmos itself and human civilization.

This poem should be understandable to anyone with a year of high school Spanish.

I had planned to mark the best books with an asterisk, but I am reading mostly very good books.

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