23 abr. 2008


*Barbara Guest. Defensive Rapture. 1993. 103 pp.

I am far from exhausting this book after multiple readings. In some ways it was her breakthrough book (along with the slightly earlier Fair Realism; after that she could be celebrated by the Language poets and get a new lease on life.

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Andrew Shields dijo...

I have not been reading blogs much the past few weeks, so I missed the beginning of this project. I love it! It's very cool. As you say, reading poetry should be a normal thing to do.

Why 9000, by the way?

Jonathan dijo...

10,000 didn't seem realistic. That would have been too ambitious, taken me years. But 9,000? Completely doable. Since I already had a tag for 100, novels, I wanted a first digit of the tag to be something other than a 1.