27 feb. 2008

I'm tasting the end of this Lorca book. It tastes good. The last chapter should be complete on February 29. I'm trying to do an hour or two in the afternoon to supplement the normal morning hours of writing, to stay on deadline. That wil give me the month of March for the penultimate revison in advance of the March 31 deadline. Then I'm retiring from scholarship for a spell to just write poetry and think about what I should do next.

I have to do a reading for continuity, to make sure I don't repeat the exact same point in the same way, or contradict myself outright.

The first chapters are introductory. "Lorca Par Lui-même" is about my own views of Lorca. Chapter 2 is about the general reception of Lorca in the US in relation to coldwar culture. Chapter 3 is about individual poet transators, from Hughes to Blackburn.

The rest of the book is about individual poets and movements: The deep image school, Spicer (with a little Creeley), O'Hara, Koch, and Rothenberg's Lorca Variations. Then a brief conclusion. The chapter that's not complete is chapter 2. I saw no reason to write the chapters in order. In fact, I did the body of the book (4-8) before the three introductory chapters (1-3). The entire project will have taken 9 months to write, not counting, of course, all the initial work that went into it before I started to write in earnest last August. If I applied my method to a project from scratch, I'm not sure how long it would take. Probably around two years.

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