9 ene. 2008

My strengths as a writer:

Writing itself. Prose. That's the bedrock. Got prose?

Work ethic & habits.


Ability to choose interesting critical problems.

Intellectual curiosity and knowledge of subject matter.


Disorganization of physical workspace and research materials. Lack of system for constructing bibliography and keeping track of references. I'm not a very good archival researcher, tending to work mostlyl from published sources. I tend to construct and argument first then find the citations to back it up a posteriori. I have a hard time finishing projects and dealing with publishers. I'm not good with getting permissions and the like.

Other things I have difficult doing: coordinating many different tasks during the same day or week. Deriving courses from my research. Limiting my commitments to a manageable number.

Rather than addressing all these weaknesses at once, I am starting by getting a better handle on the actual physical space in which I work. I'm starting by spending at least 15 minutes a day on this.

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