5 may. 2007

The way "the body" or "the voice" or "the material" become just metaphors and thus disembodied, dematerialized. Not really anybody's body, but "the body." The way "forms of feeling" seem to lose the form part. The way culture starts to mean everything that isn't culture, the non-cultural part of culture, in other words. There's the culture of culture, and the non-culture of culture, and cultural studies wants to always move to the second. It's all studies and no culture.

The way the least interesting parts of literary studies are held over into cultural studies. For example, the lack of interest in anything real and tangible, the use of the "cultural" or "literary" product as grist for the critical argument, the positioning of oneself in a particular critical debate.

The way the interdisciplinary doesn't really involve any other real discipline, just gestures in the direction of other disciplines.

All this by way of my anxiety. Would it work to do my approach to questions of culture, in a setting where I am bucking against this tendency? Can I even articulate what I'm doing in a way comprehensible to those who would want to take the course.

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