1 ene. 2007

A few more things about me, if you really care to know.

I don't really care very deeply about the outcome of any sporting event. I rarely have.

With a few exceptions, I never really cared for popular styles of music played in straight, "vertical" eighth notes. There's got to be a swing or it don't mean a thing (to me). My lack of interest in the popular music of my own youth probably had a decisive effect on my life by removing me from my peer group.

I have a very macho attitude toward literary criticism. I want to be the best, to outdo everyone else. I am very competitive in this area, but not in many others.

I identify strongly with other people who have a commanding dominance of their field of endeavour: Coleman Hawkins for example. This is a strongly masculinist mode, on average, but I identify with it with no apology (for now!).

Hates poetry readings, they're cold and they're damp. In general, I hate sitting through something that I feel I could do better, whether it's a talk at the MLA or someone reading poems. I only enjoy these events if the speaker or reader is doing it better than I think I could.

I'm pleasant, but not very nice at bottom. I'm pretty angry most of the time, too angry to be a really "nice" person.

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Tom Beckett dijo...

OK. I'll bite. Why are you so angry most of the time?