31 dic. 2006

Ron tagged me for the 5 things you don't know about me meme.

1) If you don't know something about me it's probably because I don't want you to know. I am intensely private.

2) And painfully shy, up through graduate school.

3) I was raised as a Mormon; I am still scarred from this.

4) See number 1.

5) See number 2. I could tell you all sorts of banal details about my life, but autobiography in my case would be a list of things read. I feel somewhat alien from the category of "personal experience" per se. I don't have a lot of stories to tell.

3 comentarios:

Tony dijo...

Mayhew, you're cheating!

Bob dijo...

Actually I think I knew a couple of those!

Here, though, is something I don't know about you:

1. How much you do or don't enjoy teaching.

Inquiring mind!

Jonathan dijo...

Teaching is a little painful for me, when it isn't going well, or as well as I think it should.